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  1. Paul B

    These guys are legit!

    When you have debt problems, it’s hard to know who to trust. You get a random phone call from someone saying they want to help you. But you are nervous. Are they legit? Is it a scam? What should I do? I had ALL THESE feelings. But, let me put your mind at ease – They are legit.

    I had a Disney Vacation Club (DVC Animal Kingdom) that had gone into foreclosure because I could not afford the remaining payments due on the initial loan. I didn’t know what I was going to do! Stress. Sleepless nights – as this was not my only default. I was in a big financial mess.

    I received a phone call from Yoanka, offering to assist me in getting my DVC out of foreclosure, selling it and putting the money back into my pocket. Yes, there are fees and Yes, Home Outlet takes a small cut. But they were totally honest about every detail. Every fee. Every bit of information. And – the fees were all very reasonable (Disney Transfer fee, Title, Broker, etc). If you were going to sell your DVC without being in foreclosure, you would still need to pay these same exact fees.

    Now, I will admit that I was nervous and skeptical throughout the entire transaction. PLEASE – don’t let it be a scam. PLEASE. I was in such a bad way, financially, that if this turned out to be a scam, I would lose my home. So yes. I was very nervous to sign on, at first.

    Let me say that it was not a Scam (After moving forward with Yoanka, I was actually contacted by a second company that WAS a scam – and Yoanka helped handle that as well).

    In a matter of just weeks, they paid the $3,000+ to get my DVC out of foreclosure. They listed it for resale and it sold within 24 hours for even more money than Yoanaka had estimated.

    And guess what? Everything they promised came true. None of the fees changed. All went exactly as planned. And my life turned around because I avoided a foreclosure and I have a significant amount of money in the bank.

    AND – I was paid with an overnight check – just in time to turn a disaster of a Christmas into an amazing one.

    The reason I am writing this review is because . . . I know when you get that call. You will feel the same way I did. Are these people legit? Are they trying to steal my DVC? They are totally legit, helpful and very easy to work with. Yoanka will respond to your text or call immediately. And always be understanding and help put your mind at ease during the entire process.

    The Home Outlet Group (and especially Yoanka) turned my horrible, stressful situation around. I am very happy and more than satisfied that I took the chance.

    Thank you for turning my financial nightmare around – in just a few weeks.

    I know this review won’t make you less nervous when they call. Or give you a better nights sleep after you sign all the paperwork. But have faith. I felt ALL those things. This was safe, and a total blessing. Now – my sister is already thinking of selling her DVC . . . because now I have money in the bank and she does not 🙂

    It was an absolute pleasure working with The Home Outlet Group. Thank you

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